Andy Britt
Reith Custom Mini-HT™ H/S/S

Andy with his Mini-HT along side his rig, ready to jam "all night long"

What a fantastic instrument you’ve built for me!!! Now that I've had it for a while, I thought I'd take the time to properly thank you for a great guitar.

As you know, BR (before Reith) I was playing mainly my 1990 Steinberger GL4T (with transtrem) for playability/dropping key and my synth/piezo guitar for sound versatility. After trying unsuccessfully in 2004 with a different guitar builder to combine synth and transtrem, I was very disappointed. Both the experience and the guitar didn’t work for me...I had wasted money, felt burned, and had basically given up.

I found your website from a posting on a Steinberger users group, and decided to give you a call. It was clear from our first discussion that you absolutely knew your stuff and weren't just a salesman, but a luthier and craftsmen who cared. What a great experience it was to consult with you on every decision that goes into the design and building of a truly custom musical instrument. You were always knowledgeable and available, your suggestions and advice were always helpful and informative, and your attention to detail was awesome.

The result of your efforts in this process is a great guitar built just for me and my playing style:

Action, playability and setup are dead on..this guitar stays in tune and plays great all night long. I have sounds that are full, with beautiful clarity and definition of notes everywhere on the neck. The electronics in your guitar are without a doubt my favorite live setup. The EMG pickups with expander give me great single coil sounds and a full hum-bucker sound in the bridge with low background noise…beautiful clean sounds and tasty tones are all there…COOL! The synth works great for my VG88 sounds and does a fine job on my blended organ/keyboard sound (GI20/XV2020). The Piezo sounds good too with just a little eq and verb.

Last, but not least, this guitar looks stunning! Pictures do it no justice at all. The finish is gorgeous, the inlay work you did on the graphite neck and custom abalone controls really set it apart from any other instrument I have.

In summary, thank you for building me a beautiful looking, great playing, and fantastic sounding custom instrument that does everything I want AND thanks for making this such a fun experience. I am unequivocally and enthusiastically recommending you to anyone who inquires about my guitar!

Thanks Again