Owning a Reith Guitar is about finding an instrument that where NO COMPROMISES have been made during the manufacturing process. Only the best components are incorporated into each Reith Guitar. The best tone woods, the best finishes, the best electronics, the best components, the best construction methods, ... you get the idea. If you use the best, you have a better chance of making the best.

Unlike most custom guitar manufactures that use mass market replacement parts, Reith Guitars use custom designed parts especially designed for a Reith Guitar. We don't try to reinvent the Fender, PRS or Gibson guitar. A Reith Guitar is designed from the ground up. So when you own a Reith Guitar, you own a Reith Guitar. Not a copy of someone else's guitar.

About the builder

Todd Reith received his training as a luthier in Boston, Massachusetts under master builder, Thomas Knatt, and Adam Zois. Combined with his experience as a computer engineer, Todd builds his guitars with new and exciting materials with high-tech electronics. Each Reith Guitar is made by hand with custom parts and is classically styled for sparkling tone and smooth playing action. Details like the precision custom-made solid aluminum Reith Sonic-Block ™ bridge, custom headless tuners, graphite neck, AAAAA (5A) rated top plates, and quality tone woods allow for uncompromising silky smooth tones and ever-lasting sustain. Reith Guitars is based in Denver, Colorado.