How-To: Instructions for changing strings and basic tunning of the Reith Mini-HT™

  1. Loosen the tuning knobs counter clockwise so that the string jaws are exposed with the string ball slot showing.

  1. Place the ball end of the string flat in to the string jaw.

  1. Tighten the tuning knob clockwise to pull the string jaw into the bridge as shown.

  1. Loosen the string clamp, and pull the string through the headpiece.

  1. Tighten the string clamp clockwise using the supplied hex tool.

  2. Make sure to tighten with the short end as shown, to avoid applying too much torque, which could result in damaging the headpiece.

  3. You should notice the string slightly moving to the right, when enough pressure has been applied. The string can then be trimmed of excess material.

  1. Turn the tuning knobs clockwise and tune to pitch.