Guitar X
Denver Colorado's ULTIMATE toy store for guitar and bass players featuring hand crafted instruments, awesome guitar and bass amplifiers, boutique effects, and great accessories!
Visit the store and play a Reith Guitar, or bring your favorite axe by for a supreme setup by a professional luthier.

Colorado Luthiers
Colorado's Front Range luthiers group of all stringed instrument builders from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. A very informal guild with skill levels ranging from professional builders to amateurs. Reith Guitars is a current member of Colorado Luthiers.

NAMM, The International Music Products Association. Reith Guitars is a current member of NAMM.

The Guild of American Luthiers
The Guild of American Luthiers is a non-profit educational membership organization, formed in 1972 to advance the craft of string instrument making and repair (lutherie), through a free exchange of information. Reith Guitars is a current member of GAL.

La Gitana Guitars & The Luthier's Workshop
La Gitana Guitars. Thomas Knatt makes fine classical, flamenco, and steel-string guitars and violins and cellos. The Luthier's Workshop explores the possibilities of new woods and designs for guitars, violins, and other string instruments.
This is where it all began! Thomas Knatt was Todd Reith's 1st mentor.

Custom Luthier
Custom Luthier is a one-stop shop for hard-to-find luthier supplies. Custom Luthier offers Pre-cut custom and traditional inlays, CAD/CAM, CNC capabilities, Concept development and design, Prototyping, Full service production, Custom templates, Luthier tools, and Instrument components. Custom Luthier supplies Reith Guitars with custom inlay services.

GraphTech Guitar Labs
GraphTech, The Guitar Industry's Nut and Saddle Experts. Reith Guitars incorporates the GHOST system by GraphTech, for its acoustic piezo and MIDI/GK support in guitars with the Reith Sonic-Block™ custom saddles.

Bartolini Pickups and Electronics
Reith Guitars uses Bartolini pickups, and Bartolini custom electronics.

Jill Watkins Band
Reith Guitars provides guitar tech services for John Ragan of the Jill Watkins Band. Get your fill of Jill! The first Jill Watkins Band CD is in production and will be released early 2005.

Michas Custom Guitars
Local Colorado builder. Check out is work! Currently he is working on Jerry Garcia replicas.